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I am Oluwashina Peter Arowojobe, a blockchain & cryptocurrency consultant, marketing specialist, Educator, writer and Author. I’m a young entrepreneur who is passionate about providing solutions to problems in emerging markets through technology and innovations.

Five years ago I discovered Bitcoin, ever since I’ve had an amazing journey while working in the marketing teams of multi-million dollar blockchain projects and educating thousands of people about the technology & the career opportunities available in the industry.


My services

I’m a young entrepreneur who is passionate about providing solutions
 to problems in emerging technology and innovations.


I write keyword-rich SEO content and articles for top news media publications. I provide quality contents, blog posts and PR that increase your brand value and awareness.


Teach and educate people about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a story telling approach to generate new users for your project. I have educated thousands of people through my ebook - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: the new oil.

Digital Marketing

Research and design products, define target audience, introduce products into market, create awareness across all channels and generate users using high converting marketing strategy.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consultancy

Help projects identify industry trends and practices to penetrate markets especially on the African continent and the world at large.


Promote your blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to my large following on social media and email list of over 20,000 people.

My Book:

About the book.

Since the invention of the internet the world has been constantly evolving fast and the whole world is now a global village that needs to communicate and transfer value really quickly with guaranteed trust.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the new innovation that will disrupt the global economy.

In simple terms & analogies, this book will teach you about the history of money, the current financial system, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency (how to buy, send, store and receive them as well as trading cryptocurrency), why exactly we need the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and careers & opportunities available in the industry for everyone regardless of their skill background.

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